Emotional Manipulation

emotional bondage, manipulation, psychopathy, narcissism, emotional abuseMost of us want to trust and believe the best about others.  When they tell us something, we innately want to believe that it’s true.  And most often we do, unless given a reason to believe otherwise.


We can all be manipulated from time to time and we are all also capable of "manipulating" to get what we want. I put the word manipulating in quotes because it's important to distinguish between manipulation et strategy.  A strategy's objective is a positive outcome for all involved while the outcome of manipulation is to harm the other in one way or another.  In such cases, we speak of psychological manipulation and abuse


Psychological manipulation takes many forms, all of them aimed at disarming the victim in order to gain control and satisfy the abuser’s own objectives to the detriment of the other.  Over time, it becomes a sort of brainwashing.  The victim slowly loses his or her points of reference as well as freedom to change or escape from the situation. 


In such cases, outside help is needed in order for the victim to take notice of the toxicity of the relationship and begin rebuilding the self-esteem that is lost in such circumstances.  When confronted with a breakup or divorce from a manipulator, understanding their behaviours helps the victim to be better armed in order to confront the situation. 


To learn more about emotional and psychological manipulation as well as abusive relationships, please don't hesitate to contact me.  You can also find more information through my blog.

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