Psychotherapy & Coaching

"We cannot change anything unless we accept it."


C.G. Jung


We all find ourselves, at one time or another, confronted with questions or situations in life where a bit of outside help is welcomed.


Deciding to ask for this help is one of the first steps in facing our difficulties and changing our way of living, of understanding, of reacting and of viewing the world and ourselves.


It's a process that is at times difficult, but that allows us to become more accepting of ourselves and others as we work on our own personal development which, in turn, unlocks our true inner potential.


The results are well worth the commitment !


All subjects are open for discussion in therapy as they all reflect part of you.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a therapy is not simply a sharing of thoughts or a listening ear.  Therapy is about moving forward towards precise objectives that you set.

For this reason, the most important subject to be brought to a therapy session is you !


I personally adhere to an empathetic relationship with my clients in order to create a true bond.  I believe we can all learn from one another.


In  coaching, you will fix an objective and we will work together to discover the ways in which you can go about achieving these objectives in the here and now.


In  psychotherapy, we will spend more time looking at the past, in particular childhood, in order to uncover and understand the origins of beliefs and behaviours.

It is then that they can be examined so that they may be better adapted or even changed or released in order to best respond to current life situations or personal goals.


Whether you choose guidance or psychotherapy, both processes require commitment from you, as all changes will come about from your own work.


Reasons for Undertaking a Personal Therapy


There are many reasons to choose to undertake sessions in guidance or psychotherapy.

They are as varied as we are as human beings.


Some such reasons are :

  • To find clarity on a specific issue, decision or change of direction in one's life
  • To better understand one's life purpose
  • To move beyond blockages and fears and towards more authentic living
  • To find support with life's transitions
  • To heal and build self-esteem
  • To create a more balanced life
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