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Essential Oils and Emotional Healing

Essential oils therapy emotionsWe are hearing more and more about essential oils.  But they are hardly new to the world of well-being.  In fact, they were widely used in ancient Egypt!


Many of us know that lavender essential oil has a calming effect on the nervous system.  And many may also be aware that peppermint is very helpful with headaches and even migrains. 


But did you know that lavender essential oil also helps improve and unblock stuck communication as well as deep seated feelings of abandonment?  And that peppermint helps alleviate feelings of despair and support an optimistic outlook?


Essential oils are useful far beyond their known physical and taste aspects.


As a matter of fact, essential oils have the power to release emotional traumas that are stocked in the limbic area of our brains.  The limbic system does not respond to sight, sound, touch, or taste.  It only liberates trauma through the sense of smell, something essential oils excel at!


Each person is unique and although certain wounds may present in similar ways, they cannot all be treated and released through the same means.  In my therapeutic practice, I use my knowledge of essential oils to work in-depth in order to release emotional wounds using the right mix of essential oils, body work, and emotional work.

How Essential Oils work on Emotions

essential oils therapy emotions frequence bodyIn Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that different emotions are stored in different organs of the body, based on their vibrational frequency.  For example, anger is often stored in the liver while fear is stored in the kidneys. Thus, an overabundance of anger may weaken the liver and inversely a weakened liver may bring about feelings of anger. 


Science has also recently proven that emotional patterns can be passed on from generation to generation.  Studies done on survivors of the Holocaust as well as their descendants have shown that the trauma suffered by those in the concentration camps is passed down through DNA.  Emotions are being stored on a cellular level!


Obviously, the trauma suffered by these survivors was of an unheard-of level.  Trauma and emotions don’t need to be this intense to be stored in our cells. Much of what we experience growing up is also stored in our bodies on the cellular level and families also have emotional patterns that are handed down from one generation to the next. 


Through physical application as well as through smell, essential oils, with their high vibrational frequency, can help release our stuck emotions as well as release negative emotional patterns that have been passed down to us.


When used in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine, essential oils applied to specific points on the body can access the various organs and glands where blocked emotions are stored.  Through the olfactory system, essential oils can work on the limbic system in our brains which also stores many of our emotions and traumas.


When using essential oils to treat emotional issues, it is important to use high quality essential oils as it is their high vibrational frequency that will help restore balance to the weakened areas in the body. 



*O’Sullivan, Jen.  French Aromatherapy.

Vetiver Essential Oil

vetiver essential oil vetiver plantVetiver is a herbaceous plant found in India and Sri Lanka.  It has long roots that anchor it deeply in the ground.  


Vetiver essential oil is obtained through the steam distillation of these roots.

It is sought after in the world of parfumery for its base notes and we find it in soaps, home perfumes, and body perfumes among other things.

When we hear such phrases as "base notes" and "long roots" we can begin to understand why vetiver is an essential oil that helps us to anchor ourselves emotionally.  In fact, it's a very powerful oil for when we feel scattered or distracted in our emotions and thoughts or when we feel isolated or set apart.

Vetiver works to balance the earth and water elements in traditional Chinese medicine.  A balanced earth element gives us a feeling of being grounded, secure, stable, belonging, and self-reliance.  A balanced water element allows us to have confidence and go along with the natural flow of life, to open our hearts and minds to the world around us. It allows us to feel calm, relaxed, and at ease in our lives in order to best enjoy them.  






Emotional states treated by vetiver essential oil:

nervousness, emotional disconnect, social disconnect, scattered thinking and emotions, isolation, separate, "in survival mode", insomnia, addictions, emotional blocages



Emotional states facilited by vetiver essential oil:

grounded, centered, emotional connection, social connection, strong sense of belonging, calme, integrity, protected



Other properties of vetiver essential oil:

  • Tonic for the different body systems including the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, immune, endocrine, and nervous systems
  • Antiseptic
  • Calmative
  • Muscle relaxant


Before using any essential oil, it is imperative to verify precautions.  Certain essential oils should not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women, by those under certain medical treatments, or those suffering from certain afflictions.  Not all essential oils are suitable for use with babies and young children.  

Geranium Essential Oil

geranium essential oil emotions therapy lilleGeranium essential oil is one of my favourites.


Not only does it have a soft and floral scent, but it brings with it so many benefits to various parts of our overall health.  


Geranium essential oil is obtained through steam distillation of the petals and leaves of the plante.  


Similar to vetiver essential oil, geranium essential oil helps to balance the earth and water elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It thus helps to calm the nervous system and gives courage and an feeling of inner peace and security.  It helps to overcome difficulties and to have confidence in our relationships


In the area of relationships, geranium essential oil is notable for its healing effects in the bond with mother and father.  It helps install better understanding between people and in our relationships with others. 



Emotional states treated by geranium essential oil:

abandonment, grief, broken heartedness, lost, lack of confidence in relationships with others, nervousness, fear, anxiety



Emotional states facilitated by geranium essential oil:

confidence in our relationships, forgiveness, reconnection to emotional life, liberation of negative memories, ability to go forward with reassurance, clarity, increases good mood and relaxation



Other properties of geranium essential oil:

  • Tonifies the skin and treats wrinkles
  • Treats acne and other skin infections
  • Balances hormones
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Insect Repellant
  • Heals wounds
  • Increases mental fonction


Before using any essential oil, it is imperative to verify precautions.  Certain essential oils should not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women, by those under certain medical treatments, or those suffering from certain afflictions.  Not all essential oils are suitable for use with babies and young children.  

Essential Oils and Back to School

Essential oils back to school students studying concentrationIt's back to school time and it’s always helpful to have a few tips on hand for the inevitable bumps along the way.  Here are a few essential oils to help you get the school year off on the right foot:




Keep Lice Away – a drop behind each ear in the morning or several drops added to your favourite shampoo will help keep these unwelcome guests away


Have a zen attitude – massage lavender infused oil on the soles of little feet after bath time or before bed time, for young and old alike!




Concentrate and Center – diffuse a few drops during homework time for concentration or before bed for restful sleep



Peppermint and Orange:

Energise and revive – a few drops of each in a diffuser in the morning will get your day off to a bright start.  Repeat in the afternoon if you need a bit of a boost.




Cultivate Confidence, Balance, and Stability – a drop in a tissue to carry in your pocket throughout the day.  Inhale with deep breaths from time to time to breathe in all the benefits.



Lemon and Rosemary: 

Boost your Mood and Concentrate – a few drops of each oil in a diffuser in the morning to start your day off in a good mood.  Use during homework time for clarity and concentration.

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