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At times, families can run into difficulties, difficulties that can be expressed by the entire family unit or by one or two of its members.  This crisis is a symptom of a dysfunctioning in the family system.  Often, without outside intervention, the family can remain in this difficult cycle or even enter into a downward spiral. 


A family therapy can allow your family to:

  • Better understand its functioning
  • Encourage healthy exchanges between family members
  • Improve communication
  • Find the best solutions to your difficulties
  • Explore your heritage in order to better understand your family
  • Release unexpressed emotions
  • Circulate information for a more balanced functioning
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  • Atelier Huiles Essentielles et les Emotions
  • Ateliers EFT en Groupe 2017-2018
  • Identité Volée - Que deviennent les enfants de parents narcissiques et/ou pervers?
    Formation desintée aux professionnels de la relation d'aide 
  • Gretchen Jakub : thérapeute psycho-corporelle à Lille, Paris et à domicile
    J'accueille un public d'adultes, adolescents et enfants ainsi que les familles, vers un objectif précis et/ou un bien-être intérieur. Ma pratique s'exerce au travers de plusieurs méthodes : kinésiologie,...
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