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Flower Essences and Essential Oils

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Flower Essences

Flower essences work with our body's energies.  We all have positive and negative aspects of our personalities.  When our body is in balance, harmony is achieved and our positive aspects shine through (love, joy, faith, hope...). However, when life overwhelms us, our positive attributes and lose their strength and allow our negative aspects to take over.  


Flower essences use the energy and vital force of each flower to work on our own energies in order to re-establish a balance and to allow our our positive aspects to strengthen and shine again, while silencing our negative points.  

Dr. Edward Bach, British physician, developed the first flower essences in the 1930s.  He worked on and perfected 38 different flower essences for physical and emotional well-being.  These are the original and know well-known Bach Flower Remedies we can easily find today.  

Since that time, others have also worked on essences with different flowers from around the world.  In my work, I use Bach Flower Remedies, Perelandra Flower Essences, PHI Flower Essences, as well as Australian Bush Flower Essences and others, offering a vast selection of different essences in order to find those that are best suited to helping you find your best balance. 


Essential Oils

essential oils phytotherapy plant therapy holisticEssential oils are extracts from a wide variety of plants that can be used in many areas of our lives : from household cleaning products to beauty regimes to dietary supplements.  Their effectiveness is surprising!


Whether you choose to diffuse your oils in the air, you place a single drop on a tissue to smell throughout the day or when needed, you use them for cutaneous purposes, in spritz or in herbal tea, you will be able to treat a range of different problems with essential oils and aromatherapy.


Just about everyone is aware of the usefulness of chamomile for teething children or to treat insomnia.  But how many are aware of its ability to help treat depression and anxiety?   Marjoram is well used in cooking, but few know that it is also very helpful in treating feelings of isolation and solitude.  


In fact, and also work essential oils can be used to treat a multitude of emotional and physical symptoms deep down to help us release psychological wounds we have been carrying sometimes for many years. 


Flower essences and essential oils are a perfect complement to emotional and physical therapeutic work
Using a holistic and personanlised approach, I associate my knowledge of psychology and energy therapies with the different properties of the numerous flower essences and essential oils in order to offer each patient a completely unique experience.



Different options are available depending on your needs:

  • Advice concerning an essence or essential oil in order to support or reinfoce the therapeutic work already in progress
  • Preparation of a personalised mix of either flower essences or essential oils to support your emotional and physical needs
  • Use of flower essences or essential oils during a session: this often concerns massaging a specific acupuncture point with a precise essence or oil which allows direct contact on the blocage point as well as an association between the virtues of the essence or oil with the exact energy zone.

If you are interested in using flower essences for yourself, you have several options:

  • You can schedule an appointment during which we will discuss your needs and I will suggest one or more flower essence that could be useful to you 
  • I can suggest various flower essences that could work as a complement to your usual therapy 
  • I can prepare a mix of different flower essences personalised to your needs (additional fees apply to cover the price of materials


Whatever your choice, sessions can be held in my office, at your hope, or via Skype.  Personalised mixtures will be posted to you once prepared. 



In my work, I use only pure flower essences and essential oils from reputable sources with traceability in order to best guarantee the effectiveness of their various properties.



For information on tarifs concerning flower essence and essential oil sessions and products, please see Terms & Conditions


Please keep in mind that flower essences are not medicine and should never replace a medical treatment that you are currently following.  They are dietary supplements used for overall well-being.  Advice given is purely for informational purposes with no obligation to follow and with no medical diagnostic.

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